*tesoromio* Belt Dress for spring 2014 :)


Here we go, Belt Dress is up in Marketplace in seven colors, spring colors 2014 🙂
Comes in the 4 Standard Sizing sizes, to fit well on your avatar, and with an accurate alpha layer included.
Is a simple classy dress, that can be worn all day long with casual accessories: transform it with a pair of your favorite stilettos for a dinner out.
Enjoy ❤

Demo version avaliable


tesoromio renewal :)

And..I sold the land.  Bye Bye .

InewHouse want a real fresh start, a complete renewal of my brand, so back to the basic:
linden home  with my cat,
redesigning furniture for a future store
updating good clothes and designing new stuff.

I feel happy and motivated, and I see a bright future.

New stuff coming soon 🙂