Italian, woman, born in 1967, from the age of 6 with a pencil in hand, drawing everywhere and everything.
Since 1990 a graphic tablet made me a graphic artist, illustrator and webdesigner.
In the last year, I discover that making websites has become boooooooring…
So I decided to believe in my dreams and follow what I really love.
My clothes in Second life has become my RL work. And now I moved to Sinespace.
In december 2008 I discover videogames.
Started with Hellgate, London, I moved to Lord of The Rings Online while playing quite every demo of fantasy mmorpg I find online.
Then in Aion, for 2 years.
And now I am happily in Tyria on Guild Wars 2, while running away occasionally with Geralt of Rivia and the Assassins Brotherhood 😀
I jump from world to world learning and enjoying, discovering a whole universe of talented people.
And I want to be a part in it.
So, again, I start to study new techniques absorbing informations like a sponge.
New work, new horizons.

Nirmanakaya is a sanscrit word: means something like “guardian angel”, but for me means that we are high spiritual beings happily creating a human life, in a perfect imperfection.


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