Bye Second Life , hello Sinespace


After more than 10 years, I am downgrading my account on Second Life. Being an one-woman-band, as a creator, the work is overwhelming. Will always love Second Life, where I learned everything, but I am not making anything new, while keeping my Marketplace shop.

I moved to Sinespace, an amazing new world full of opportunities, and this is my first outfit 🙂
So I am learning, experimenting, making new clothes and building an island.


See you soon in a whole new world ❤

Nirmanakaya, now Mayadeva in Sinespace




new @ *tesoromio* pants and pullover

Here I can feel the spring starting, but still air is fresh.
I need a nice pullover and pants, but really wanted some light, new colors.

So I made this outfit with a v neck pullover and slim fit pants in a lot of colors, sold separately so you can enjoy mixing and match colors and your favourite outfits 🙂

Both have the 4 Standard Sizes and Slink mesh body size.

Here is the pullover

in 10 colors


and the pants


in 12 colors


Have a look in Marketplace

and in my Mainstore


Hope you will enjoy this new outfit


#SecondLife #SecondLifeFashion

new@*tesoromio* skirt and shirt now with Slink size :)

Soo I wanted something new for spring, new colors, new clothes.
And I fell in love with Slink Physique, so I made a compatible fitted size for skirt and shirt.
Is my first attempt, so I hope I did all right 🙂

This is the cotton shirt with light stripe pattern, and a delicate lace border,

And this is the flowery skirt with a delicate lace voile border, and a cute button on side.

Both have handmade detailed textures, 6 colors for the skirt and 8 for the shirt matching each other.

Have a look in my Mainstore

and in Marketplace

Hope you enjoy ❤


*tesoromio* new outfit preview


Just a small preview, I’m still in beta grid 😀
Took me a lot of time to decide proportions, textures, colors…just want this new outfit to be really nice.
Now I found all the good fabrics I need….so stay tuned, soon in marketplace 🙂

#SecondLife  #SLFashion