my pixel dolls

As a child I loved playing with my dolls. Just ordinary dolls, from barbie to the rag dolls my mom made for me.
I made clothes for them, and they were my first models in my drawings.
Some of them, with some teddy bears are sitting on my sofa now.
Maybe is childish, maybe is my inner world that is deeply populated, but this was my first attempt for what is my job now.
I love drawing clothes for my pixel doll, and I love my customers that enjoy my clothes: I feel the same happiness and hope I felt as a child, and I hope to give this in my clothes.
And this, at the age of 50, is a great spiritual goal for me 🙂
Funny how, in discovering videogames, I felt nearly the same things for my characters…through my new pixel dolls I’m discovering a new world, rich and useful.
I think that online videogames are little models of society, in which people learn a lot..playing 🙂


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