Bye Second Life , hello Sinespace


After more than 10 years, I am downgrading my account on Second Life. Being an one-woman-band, as a creator, the work is overwhelming. Will always love Second Life, where I learned everything, but I am not making anything new, while keeping my Marketplace shop.

I moved to Sinespace, an amazing new world full of opportunities, and this is my first outfit πŸ™‚
So I am learning, experimenting, making new clothes and building an island.


See you soon in a whole new world ❀

Nirmanakaya, now Mayadeva in Sinespace




New @ *tesoromio*: flower sweater and leggings

Helloooo πŸ™‚
I am back with Β fresh new clothes for spring

A flowery long sweater with detailed metal buttons and leggings with high waist, all mesh, in standard sizes and Slink Physique classic size.
Both have handmade detailed textures and matching colors, to enhance your spring outfits.

Here in green, with *tesoromio* jeans

And here all the six spring colors

And I have built a new beautiful mainstore on my land

See you inworld ❀

*tesoromio* Mainstore

*tesoromio* Marketplace flower sweater

*tesoromio* Marketplace leggings

*tesoromio* Marketplace jeans


new @ *tesoromio* pants and pullover

Here I can feel the spring starting, but still air is fresh.
I need a nice pullover and pants, but really wanted some light, new colors.

So I made this outfit with a v neck pullover and slim fit pants in a lot of colors, sold separately so you can enjoy mixing and match colors and your favourite outfits πŸ™‚

Both have the 4 Standard Sizes and Slink mesh body size.

Here is the pullover

in 10 colors


and the pants


in 12 colors


Have a look in Marketplace

and in my Mainstore


Hope you will enjoy this new outfit


#SecondLife #SecondLifeFashion

new@*tesoromio* skirt and pull

So, while I was working on this new outfit I decided to separate pull and skirt to have more choices on colors. Pull fits also Tesoromio capris and jeans, and the flower skirt.

Here we go, this is the skirt, with optional belt, and swirl deco: is high on waist, trendy this fall-winter πŸ™‚


And the pull, that has a delicate flower texture, and is high on waist to fit almost all my other clothes πŸ™‚


Both comes in six colors, so can me mixed and matched as you like.

Have a look in Marketplace

and in my Mainstore

Hope you will enjoy this new outfit



#SecondLife #SecondLifeFashion


new@*tesoromio* knitted sweater


Ok, winter is cold..and I need a new pullover. But I want it to fit with my new mesh jeans, aaaand my favourite leggings.
So I made this in two lenghts, one shorter for jeans, one longer for leggings and slim pants.

In 8 colors, 4 Standard SIzes, material ready (that means if you have advanced lighting on SL you will see even more details). So you have two pullovers in one, to fit all your favourite winter outfits πŸ™‚
Have a look in Mainstore
And in Marketplace


#SecondLife #SecondLifeFashion